About Us

Hello Beautiful Friends! 
We are Victoria and Jaimie, the co-creators of Luna & Soul! We
met in middle school, and although we got along and knew each other throughout high school, we didn't get to really connect on a soul level. As time went by, we realized we had so many of the same interests in personal growth and soul development and we were bound to be reconnected as sisters in this lifetime.
With our common interests in the Spiritual Realm, Luna & Soul
was birthed in November of 2019 out of a Lunar Soul Circle that we created together. We were left with so much purpose, connection and love, and couldn't wait to create the next one.
 Candles are an integral part of our circles, and we realized how
important it was that our loved ones had high quality, loving-energy infused candles. And so, we created them! Come January 2020, we had a larger Soul Circle, with all tickets sold out and the Luna & Soul candles had their big debut. The feedback was amazing and we had so much fun creating them that we decided to offer people from around the world an opportunity to purchase our beautiful candles. 
Luna & Soul is more than a company to us- it is an entity, an entire
loving being, all on it's own, here to serve and connect humanity. Our job is simply to hold the space for Luna & Soul to come more and more to life. 
Thank you for being our partner in the co-creation of Luna & Soul.
So Much Love,
          Victoria(left) & Jaimie(right)